Protect Your Dog from the Cold

shutterstock_169012184Much of the US will be experiencing record-breaking cold this week. Please make sure you give some thought to how you will keep your dog warm. Obviously, the best solution is to bring him inside the house, but if that’s not possible, the Humane Society has some other suggestions:

Provide a wind-resistant dog house. If you don’t have one, check with your local shelter or Humane Society – they often have donated dog houses they will give you if you are in need.

Elevate the dog house at least 4 inches off of the ground (or above the snow level) to allow a buffering air zone between the cold ground and your dog.

Place straw and or blankets in a thick layer on the floor of the dog house so your dog can snuggle in.

Put a flap over the door opening of the dog house to act as a wind break.

Provide extra food for your dog. He will use a lot of calories just to keep warm.

Check the water dish often and break up any ice so your dog has access to fresh water.

Don’t forget to check on your neighbor’s dogs if they’re not the responsible type, and don’t be afraid to report them if they aren’t providing adequate shelter for their dogs. It’s illegal in 41 states, and your Humane Society, Animal Control Office, or police / sheriff department can get involved.

The best advice, again, is to bring your dogs indoors and let them help you stay warm!

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