2014 Westminster Breed Results as of 1:15 pm 2/10/14

Here are the new additions since last hour. I’ll be publishing a complete list when all of the daytime judging is done.


Beagle, 13 in.: Bougain’E Naughty-N-Lovely Alvin

Beagle, 15 in: Tashtins Lookin for Trouble

Borzoi: GCH Sylvan Silver Springbok

English Foxhound: GCH Monocacy Bend’s Wellington

Norwegian Elkhound: GCH Vin-Melca’s The Norseman

Otterhound: GCH Scentasia’s End of an Era CGC

PBGV: GCH Hicotton Can’T Stop Rockin

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: GCH Houla’s Border Patrol Pw CM

Redbone Coonhound: CH Sidearm Return Of the King

Rhodesian Ridgeback: GCH Raquel Welch of Malabo Apd

Saluki: GCH Ladyhawk Guinness The Menace of Tazi


Affenpinscher: GCH Yarrow’s Hi-Tech Ben There Done That

Chihuahua (Long): CH Bramver’s Royal Tuxedo

Yorkshire Terrier: GCH Trio’s Big Shot


American Eskimo Dog: GCH Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk

Schipperke: GCH Dante Fire When Ready

Tibetan Spaniel: GCH Kan Sing’s Tenzin

Tibetan Terrier: CH Barnstorm Sim-Pa Caught on the Fly by Dzine

Xoloitzcuintli: GCH Bayshore Georgio Armani


Belgian Malinois: GCH Broadcreek’s Elsa

Belgian Tervuren: GCH Mishaook Lulu at Chateau Blanc

Bouvier des Flandres: GCH Stonepillar’s Steel Blu

Briard: GCH Lighting Strike El Xargall

Canaan Dog: GCH Pleasant Hill Magnum of Samara

German Shepherd: GCH Wolf Creek Galaxy of Merivern

Check back after 3:30 for the next update.

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