Westminster 2015 – Non-Sporting Breeds are Final

(Photo:  Westminster Kennel Club)
(Photo: Westminster Kennel Club)

Best in Breed results from the Non-Sporting Group:

AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG: GCH Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk
BOSTON TERRIER: GCH Ken’s N’ Roobarb N’ The Horse Ya Rode In On
BULLDOG: GCH Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City
CHINESE SHAR-PEI: GCH Shine’s Deck The Halls
CHOW CHOW: Kun Lun Of Anna Kennel
COTON DE TULEAR: Ch Mi-Toi’s Burberry At Justincredible
DALMATIAN: Ch Merry Go Round Coach Master
FINNISH SPITZ: GCH Dv9k9’s Red Hot Star
FRENCH BULLDOG: GCH Fulla Bull Soulja Boy
KEESHOND: GCH Skyline’s Unit Of Measure
LHASA APSO: GCH Kumi Kian Strike A Pose
LOWCHEN: GCH Madriglace Gingery Jet Setter
NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND: Ch Fransiska Lundejeger Lonewolf
POODLE (MINI): GCH Surrey Cherry Garcia
POODLE (STD): GCH Dawin Hearts On Fire
SCHIPPERKE: Ch De Lamer Overboard
SHIBA INU: GCH Lee-Fen’s An Everlasting Love
TIBETAN SPANIEL: GCH Kan Sing’s Po-Ba-Ri At Arundina
TIBETAN TERRIER: GCH Barnstorm To-Jo B’En Wicked @ Adominos By Dzine
XOLO: GCH Bayshore Georgio Armani

From this group, I’ll take the Miniature Poodle, GCH Surrey Cherry Garcia. Best in Group results will be posted as soon as they are final!

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