2014 Westminster Results: Best in Show

Judge Betty Regina Leininger of Frisco, TX, certainly has her work cut out for her! 2,845 dogs started out yesterday and today at the Piers. After two days of competition, now we’re down to the top seven, the winners of each group.

Toy Group: Min Pin “Classie”
Terrier Group: Wire Fox “Sky”
Non-Sporting Group: Standard Poodle “Ali”
Sporting Group: Irish Water Spaniel “Riley”
Herding Group: Cardigan Welsh Corgi “Coco”
Working Group: Portuguese Water Dog “Matisse”
Hound Group: Bloodhound “Nathan”

Winner of Reserve Best in Show (the runner-up) is: Standard Poodle “Ali” Happy Retirement!

And the winner of Westminster’s 2014 Best in Show is: Wire Fox Terrier “Sky” (The only one of my picks to have made it to the Best in Show ring.)

Congratulations to all of the Champions who competed this year!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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