Dogs on Planes

KCTV5 in Kansas City is reporting on a service dog who may have given service dogs a bad name. This begs the question: what do you do when your dog has to doo-doo?

We all know that service dogs are allowed to go virtually anywhere their human goes. Most times, you can take the dog outside when the urge arises. But on a plane, that option might be just a wee bit risky.

I’m assuming the dog’s person took him outside before boarding the flight, but when you consider that you usually get to the gate area at least an hour before take-off, and this plane was delayed on the tarmac for two hours, so you kind of have to feel bad for the dog.

End result: the dog unloaded his bowels not once, but twice about an hour into a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. After the first accident, the crew cleaned up the mess, but used up all of the paper towels in the process. So, the next time the dog relieved himself, they didn’t have much choice but to land in Kansas City in order to clean the plane. Passengers were gagging by that point, and there wasn’t much that could be done in the air.

And talk about embarrassing for the woman! I feel sorry for her, as well.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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