Dogs and Obesity

According to a recent story in the Daily Mail, the worldwide obesity epidemic is also affecting our dogs. (Which they call “Broader Collies” and “Flabradors” – LOL)

They also cite an interesting cause for the problem. The article states that at least one of the reasons why so many dogs are obese is because so many of Britain’s municipalities have been cracking down on leash laws, meaning that dogs can’t run off the calories as they would have in the past. And those of us responsible for feeding the dog haven’t necessarily cut down on the amount of food to compensate. Even if we watch the amount we give at meal times, many of us spoil our dogs with treats throughout the day.

A recent study showed that half of the dogs in Britain are now classified as obese, which is alarming because only one-third of them were too big as recently as 4 years ago.

A new TV show will be showing the unhealthy lifestyle experienced by several dogs by using hidden cameras to track their every move…er…nap. The show, called “Dogs: Their Secret Lives” starts this Tuesday in the UK. It is not yet scheduled to be shown on BBC America.

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