Heroic Dog Improving After Trying to Save Friend from SW Ohio Home Fire

Have you been following the story of Carmen? Named after the Ohio State Alma Mater (Carmen, Ohio), this beautiful Boxer lay on her friend, Ben’s face, trying valiantly to protect him from a house fire. Although he was pulled from the house alive, Ben succumbed to his injuries and was buried today.

Carmen, on the other hand, was removed from her ventilator and appears to be doing as well as can be expected. You can follow along as Carmen recovers on the Cincinnati Care Center’s Facebook page.

People from around the world have seen the story and are praying for Carmen. They have committed over $18,000 toward the $25,000 fundraising goal to pay for Carmen’s care on the Crowdrise crowd funding site.

The video above is from right after the fire, but the family has posted an update this evening: Family & Carmen Update 2/10/2015: Today we laid Ben to rest. It was by far the hardest thing our family has ever had to do, though our spirits were lifted when we got an update on Carmen…. We’re thrilled to share that she’s improving! She was taken off the ventilator today and currently breathing on her own. As she comes out off the anesthesia, she’s awake, aware and even moving around a bit. It was good to see her recognize the family and respond to our voices.

While we’re not out of the woods yet and there is still significant care that she needs, her chances of survival have increased. We’re hopeful that we will actually be able to take her home one day. Ben’s brother, Philip, will be taking Carmen home if we get there, though she will continue to have the love and care of the entire Ledford Family.

Carmen – you are such a good dog! All of us here at doggies.com and breeders.net wish you a speedy recovery.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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