Iditarod 2015 Leaders as of 3/11/15 @ 10:49 AM / Winning Records

Mike Kenney, Photography@ 2014
Mike Kenney, Photography@ 2014

We have a new leader! All five of the top mushers are currently out of the checkpoint at Tanana, but have not yet arrived at Ruby, which is a 119 mile trek. The time shown next to each musher’s name is the time they left Tanana last night.

1. Aliy Zirkle 22:17
2. Aaron Burmeister 22:25
3. Martin Buser 23:15
4. Dallas Seavey 23:24
5. Mitch Seavey 23:38

All five of these names are very familiar if you follow the Iditarod from year to year. 2014 winner Dallas Seavey and his dad Mitch have each won twice, while Martin Buser has won four times (’92, ’94, ’97, and 2002). Aliy Zirkle has come in second place for the past 3 years, but has yet to take the win. Aaron Burmeister has completed the Iditarod 15 times since 1994. His highest place has been 4th, but he has won over $237,000 from race sponsors over the years.

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