Dog Shot in Family’s Backyard

What kind of a world is it where you can’t even put your dog out in the yard without worrying about his being shot? WBIR in TEnnessee is reporting on Lucy, one of five dogs who lived with Billy and Leisha Vaughn in Claiborne County.

Billy discovered the dog’s death when she wouldn’t come out of her dog house Monday morning. He pulled her out, and a close inspection revealed a bullet hole.

Their other dogs are understandably upset; one is even having trouble eating after the attack.

The Vaughns, like many of us, consider their dogs family after having rescued them from less than perfect circumstances at previous homes. They are devastated by the loss.

Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating, but haven’t had any solid leads so far.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the Vaughn family.

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Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Dog Shot in Family’s Backyard”

  1. Perhaps my other comment was too winded. Sorry. Thank you for sharing this story. Lucy was my dog. Still searching for answers and tips.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Most of our dogs have come from less than desirable homes. Lucy, however, had never been abused and her first owners loved her very much. She ended up in the shelter because they simply could not keep her contained (they did not have a fence). We adopted her, and she came into her own in that yard. She was something else. Katie, also, had never been abused. We found her online and the owners were desperate to find homes because they didn’t have the room for the puppies that they had. Katie was in a small kennel, sharing it with her 4 siblings.. tight quarters, at 4 months of age! She has been a wonderful addition to our home and we here before we adopted Lucy, but was only 6 months old when we brought Lucy home. They were inseparable. We recently took Katie for a picnic and walk, without Lucy, and it was hard at first, but it was something we had to do, and have to get used to, without Lucy. We are still trying to find out any information. God willing, someone will talk, if for nothing else, the reward.

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