Minnesota’s “Jughead” Rescued

Photo:  Katherine Nelson
Photo: Katherine Nelson
What do you do when you see a dog running around for 3 weeks with his head trapped in a plastic jug? If you’re Katherine and Don Nelson, you keep tracking him until you can catch him and remove the jug. Oh, and you name him Jughead, of course.

Minneapolis / St. Paul NBC affiliate KARE 11 reports that the now very skinny black Labrador Retriever was near death when the Nelsons and their friend, Sue Leach, finally caught him.

A live trap didn’t work, but they were able to sneak up on the dog while he was sleeping and capture him. The dog eventually wiggled free of the jug while they were taking him to the Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital for care. The vet clinic is donating their services, trying to nurse the dog back to good health.

Once he is released from the hospital, Jughead will go into foster care with the Nelsons, where they will socialize him with the other dogs on their farm. They will search for an appropriate home with a fenced yard, as police reports suggest this dog may have been on his own for as long as a year.

Mrs. Nelson wants to remind everyone to crush containers that have a slim neck on the top before putting them in the garbage or recycling, as all types of animals can get stuck trying to put their heads inside.

Kudos to the Nelsons, Ms. Leach, and the Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital for caring for this beautiful dog.

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Good day, and good dog!

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