Sartell, MN limits number of dogs per house to 2

shutterstock_99357692An interesting story in the St. Cloud Times last week. It seems the city of Sartell has limited the number of dogs licensed in any single dwelling unit to two. It doesn’t say why they felt the limit was necessary, only that they passed legislation making it so.

The main point of contention wasn’t whether or not the law should be passed, but rather whether or not there should be any exceptions granted.

I’m glad I don’t live there, since I have four dogs.

The only point made in the article was that one woman testified that a dog who came from a home with three dogs had attacked her grandchild. It’s not clear to me that the cause of the attack had anything to do with the fact that more than 2 dogs were in the home.

Hmmmmm…is this the start of a trend or just an anomaly in the city of Sartell?

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