Pet Disaster Relief Trailers

Photo:  AKC Reunite
Photo: AKC Reunite
Did you know there was a program for communities to get a free, fully-stocked pet disaster relief trailer? I recently read an article highlighting the grant my own Stark County is requesting from the AKC for one of these special trailers.

Modeled after the North Carolina CAMET program, AKC Pet Disaster Relief donates trailers fully stocked with pet care and sheltering supplies to eligible Emergency Management teams across the country. The life-saving equipment helps create a safe, temporary home-base for at least 65 pets immediately after a disaster is declared, allowing people to safely evacuate with their pets to emergency shelters. No longer will pets need to be left behind, or will people be put in harm’s way by “riding out” a storm to take care of their pets.

The purchase of each trailer is made possible by $22,000 in donations and grants from kennel clubs and AKC Reunite.

What a great idea!

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