AKC Pet Disaster Relief

From The Dog Lady’s Mailbag: AKC Reunite, the nation’s largest non-profit pet identification and recovery service provider, has announced that it will infuse $200,000 more in funds to complement money raised by AKC clubs throughout the country for the AKC Pet Disaster Relief program.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief, a national program that is dedicated to keeping pets and their owners safe in response to natural or civil disasters, joins forces with local American Kennel Club dog clubs and dog lovers to present emergency Pet Disaster Relief trailers to counties throughout the country.

To date, AKC Reunite and AKC clubs have raised over $2,000,000 dollars and donated 79 AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers to emergency management teams around the nation. These trailers help to create a safe, temporary home-base for at least 65 pets during the first 72 hours after a disaster is declared. They each house and deliver essential animal care items including crates and carriers, AKC Reunite microchips and an AKC Reunite universal microchip scanner, bowls, collars and leashes as well as fans, lighting and a generator, cleaning supplies and maintenance items. These supplies can be used as co-location shelters, where people can evacuate with their pets, as well as emergency animal shelters for displaced animals.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers have recently been deployed in Cecil County, MD following a fire at the local animal shelter; Gila, AZ to assist with animal sheltering efforts in the wake of a wildfire; and St Louis County, MO to help respond to severe flooding.

“Giving back to the nation and its pets is part of our mission at AKC Reunite,” said Rita Biddle, Chairperson of the AKC Reunite Board. “With these additional funds, this program can continue to grow.”

Through AKC Reunite’s partnership with 427 contributing AKC clubs, 79 AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailers stocked with life-saving equipment have been donated to communities in 29 states.

“We are very thankful to all of the pet lovers, businesses, and AKC Clubs who have donated to AKC Pet Disaster Relief,” said AKC Reunite President and CEO, Tom Sharp. “We have seen time and time again that this equipment helps local first responders during emergencies. It is so important to keep pets with their owners during evacuations, both to ensure the pets’ safety, and to give people peace of mind knowing their pets will be accommodated if evacuation is necessary.”

To donate and find out more about the AKC Pet Disaster Relief program, including where trailers have been donated and deployed during emergencies, click here.

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