Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons Why Living With a Puppy is Just Like Living With a Toddler

Arts and CraftsAdapted from a post on dogshaming.com, which is a great website, if you’ve never visited.

Top Ten Reasons Why Living with a Puppy is Just Like Living with a Toddler.

10. They do things that are so disgusting we can’t even tell our closest friends about.
9. They think they’re responsible enough to have their own pet.
8. They have no concept of money, yet strangely, only destroy expensive things.
7. The poop, oh god, the poop.
6. Anything is a choking hazard, if they try hard enough.
5. Sleeping in past 7am is a thing of the past.
4. Everything goes in their mouths.
3. You’ll never eat in peace again.
2. You’ll forever be covered in some kind of sticky, snotty fluid.
1. They love arts and crafts.

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