Westminster 2016: Hound Group Best in Breed List

Not all of the dogs had pictures online, but here are a few of the winners of today’s best in breed competition in the hound group.

Twisted Creek Gentleman Start Your Engines (Redbone Coonhound)
Twisted Creek Gentleman Start Your Engines (Redbone Coonhound)

Phaererin Agustinho CM (Portuguese Podengo Pequeno)
Phaererin Agustinho CM (Portuguese Podengo Pequeno)

X'Plorer's Star for Patriot (Beagle, 13 inch)
X’Plorer’s Star for Patriot (Beagle, 13 inch)
GCH Sporting Fields Shameless (Whippet)
GCH Sporting Fields Shameless (Whippet)

Cherry Creek Confetti (Treeing Walker Coonhound)
Cherry Creek Confetti (Treeing Walker Coonhound)
Baghdad Eleganza Extravaganza (Saluki)
Baghdad Eleganza Extravaganza (Saluki)

All of today’s pictures are from Westminster Kennel Club’s website.

Results for each breed are below. My pick? I think I’m going to go with the Redbone Coonhound to win tonight’s group competition. And this just may be my next dog. They’re beautiful!

Afghan Hound: #7 GCH Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo

American English Coonhound: #7 GCH Color Me Bad Like My Grandad

American Foxhound: #6 GCH Kiarry Deeprun At Last

Basenji: #6 GCH Dark Moon’s Barking Bad JC

Basset Hound: #8 CH Topsfield-Sanchu Poppycock

Beagle, 13 inch: #10 GCH X’Plorer’s Star For Patriot

Beagle, 15 inch: #28 GCH Torquay Midnight Victory

Black & Tan Coonhound: #12 GCH Bayaway Jersey’s Due Process Of Law

Bloodhound: #11 GCH Flessner’s International Space Station At Honidge

Bluetick Coonhound: #9 GCH Black Knights Balu Jeti CGC

Borzoi: #24 CH Belisarius Jp My Sassy Girl

Cirneco dell’Etna: #8 GCH Cy’Era Paola CM3

Dachshund (Longhaired): #66 Leoralees Little Bitofheaven @ Jbs SL

Dachshund (Smooth): #11 CH Brownwood Aviator V Diagram SS

Dachshund (Wirehaired): #58 GCH Daybreak’s Country Chic W

English Foxhound: #6 GCH Monocacy Bend’s Windsor

Greyhound: #12 GCH Grandcru Giaconda CGC

Harrier: #6 GCH Pacific Happytail’s Heartbreaker

Ibizan Hound: #8 CH Harehill’s More Than Scandalous

Irish Wolfhound: #10 GCH Black Kaviar of Shantamon

Norwegian Elkhound: #17 GCH Vin-Melca’s Daggarwood Delight

Otterhound: #11 CH Aberdeen’s Ultimate Addiction

Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeen: #12 Auriga Peter Parker

Pharaoh Hound: #17 GCH Bazinga A Dream Of Spring For Mia

Plott: #9 GCH CGCH C-Cruz Mob Boss Vito’s Gotcha

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: #6 GCH Phaererin Agustinho CM

Redbone Coonhound: #11 GCH CSG Twisted Creek Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Rhodesian Ridgeback: #43 GCH Robert Redford Of Malabo Apd

Saluki: #8 GCH Baghdad Eleganza Extravaganza

Scottish Deerhound: #9 CH Foxcliffe Gramercy Park

Treeing Walker Coonhound: #6 GCH Cherry Creek Confetti

Whippet: #34 GCH Sporting Fields Shameless

Next up: The Toy Group!

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