An Ode to Beamer’s Mom

Reader Alan Karch shared this beautiful piece with me. He wrote it to his wife after their wonderful dog, Beamer, died. It was so moving, I got permission to publish it so all of you can read it. I think it perfectly captures the joy of having a dog in the family, as well as the heartache when they cross the rainbow bridge.

Beamer told me one day, as we laid in the grass reminiscing, that he knew his time with us was short. He made me promise that I would share this message with you, after he was gone. He said that he could sense how sad you would be when he was gone and he didn’t want you to be sad, he wanted you to be happy for him that he was free from his pain and suffering. He wanted me to tell you how lucky he felt that you were his mommy. He believed with all his heart that your unconditional love was a priceless gift. He wanted you to know how comforted and protected he felt in your care. He was never afraid of anything because he knew you were there for him. He told me he gave you lots of kisses as a way to thank you and hoped he gave you enough.

He also made me promise that we would make the right decision for him at the right time. He did not want to linger in pain and knew he could rely on the people who loved him. He didn’t want us to cry. I told him they would be tears of love and that we would need to shed them. I told him that it was normal for humans to do that when someone they love is no-longer with them. I assured him that he would live on in our memories. He laid his head on my chest and said thank you for being so understanding.

You drove up the driveway and when he saw it was you, he ran up to your car, eagerly wagging his tail, because he just had to be with his mommy. It was okay though because he had provided me the time to say goodbye.

Thank you Chris for everything that you did for our little boy.

Thanks for sharing this, Alan. I’m so sorry for your loss.

RIP Beamer!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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