AKC Humane Fund ACE Award Winners

I was fortunate enough to meet Crystal and Tommie at the Canine Partners booth on Sunday.
I was fortunate enough to meet Krystal and Tommie at the Canine Partners for Life booth on Sunday.

ACE stands for Awards for Canine Excellence. Every year, these exceptional dogs are honored at the AKC National Championship for their service to humankind. This year’s honorees are:

Search & Rescue: Bodie, a Belgian Malinois from San Diego, who goes on approximately 20 rescues each year.

Service: Teddie, a Labrador Retriever who assists Krystal, a young woman who was paralyzed when a disc ruptured in her back.

Companion: Haus, a German Shepherd from Tampa, Florida, who took three snake bites to protect one of his young family members.

Therapy: Jackie, a Sussex Spaniel from Woodstock, California. Jackie works with the Wag Brigade at the San Francisco airport, making people feel more calm before flying, particularly when flights are delayed.

Uniformed Service K-9: Radar, a bloodhound from Elbert County, Colorado. He is trained in finding missing persons and tracking down criminals and evidence.

Congratulations to these outstanding dogs and their friends.

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