2016 AKC National Championship: Some Final Thoughts

As I get ready to pack my bags and leave Florida, I have a few parting thoughts. First of all, what an awesome show! I can’t even imagine the amount of planning and organization that went into this. Kudos to the American Kennel Club, their employees, volunteers, and all those involved in putting this incredible and overwhelmingly huge, complex show together.

Next, congratulations to all of the breeders, owners, and handlers. I saw nothing but exemplary dogs here. Whether you competed in conformation, diving dogs, agility, or obedience, I was impressed by all of you.

If you want to see what I saw, tune into the Hallmark Channel on 23 January 2017 for a “best of” three hour show. I’m not sure of the starting time, but I’ll let you know. Better yet, make plans now to come to next year’s show, scheduled for December 16th and 17th back here in beautiful Orlando, Florida. It will be well worth your time.

As far as what is coming up on the blog, you can expect to see my Meet the Breed photos starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning. Then check back frequently to see the obedience, agility, and diving dog videos I’ll be posting throughout the rest of the week.

Finally, thanks so much to doggies.com for sending me to see this fabulous event in person!

So long from sunny Orlando!

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