2016 AKC National Championship: Best in Show Winner

Reminding you of the competitors:

From the Toy Group, Brussels Griffon, Newton
From the Hound Group, Whippet, Brazen
From the Non-Sporting Group: Bichon Frise, Flynn
From the Sporting Group: Clumber Spaniel, Angus
From the Working Group: Boxer, Devlin
From the Herding Group: Puli, Preston
From the Terrier Group: Norwich Terrier, Tanner

Each of these competitors is currently ranked at number one in his or her breed. Over 4,700 dogs were shown in conformation this weekend, and the competition comes down to just these seven.

Interesting enough, both Newton and Tanner were handled by the same person. She flipped a coin and chose to show the Brussels Griffon, while her daughter showed the Norwich for the Best in Show competition.

The winner of the weekend’s festivities at the Orange County Convention Center: Preston, the Puli. Taking home the $50,000 prize, Preston is the first Puli ever to win, both for the Herding Group and for the Best in Show at the AKC National Championship.

Reserve Best in Show: Flynn, the Bichon Frise

Congratulations to all the competitors; the whole show has been so exciting!

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