Dogs on Deployment


So, you’re in the service and about ready to deploy. What do you do with your 4-legged children, assuming you don’t have friends or family nearby? Enter an organization called Dogs on Deployment.
Founded by Shawn and Alisa Johnson, who serve in the US Navy and US Marine Corps respectively, Dogs on Deployment matches service members in need with temporary foster homes. Here’s how it works. People who are willing to foster dogs for deployed service members visit the site and sign up as potential boarders. Military members can also post their needs on the site.

Although Dogs on Deployment doesn’t assume any legal liability for a bad match, they do screen all applicants and make helpful suggestions to provide the best possible hope for success. The site also offers a sample contract the pet owner can use to specify care instruction, liability placement and monetary reimbursement.

As a non-profit organization, Dogs on Deployment can also use your financial assistance.

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