Lucky Dog Tags

Lucky DogWant to include your dog in all things Irish this month? Dog Tag Art has several St. Paddy’s Day-themed tags to get your dog into the celebration. (No green beer for dogs, though, unless it’s the kind made for them!) The picture shown here is just one of many Irish choices.

Take and minute and check your dog’s tags. Are they worn and illegible? Now might be just the time to order new ones. I can vouch for this company, as I’ve bought my dog’s tags from them for years. The tags last for at least five years, and they have a bunch of cute tags to suit any fancy.

I hadn’t been on their website for awhile until I went to write this post, and I found out that now you can even upload your own artwork and have it made into a tag. What a great idea?

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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