Yearbook Dog

Photo:  Diana Bloom
Photo: Diana Bloom

When students at Stafford County High School received their yearbooks this year, they found the face of one of their classmates, Alpha. Think that’s a funny name for a student? Not when the student is a dog.

The CBS affiliate out of Richmond, CBS-6/WTVR, reports that 16-year old Andrew Schalk asked if his service dog could be included in the yearbook, and the school agreed.

Andrew has Type I diabetes and finds Alpha to be a lifesaver as the dog alerts him when his blood sugar gets dangerously low. Alpha, a black lab, is Andrew’s constant companion and has attended Stafford County all year.

Many students have tweeted their delight at the inclusion of Alpha, saying things like, “they put his service dog in the yearbook i’m CRYING” (@NYCSThePlaceToB) and “This is the best thing ever” (@ActuallyAshley)

Kudos to the school officials who allowed this – they get it.

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