Hank and Fuzzy: A Love Story

Hank Fuzzy

When Hank, a 4-year old chocolate Labrador Retriever, came to live at the Fox Valley Humane Association, he was accompanied by Fuzzy, a purple stuffed hippo. The staff couldn’t resist having a little fun with the pair. Their Instagram post featuring this photo read, “If you aren’t ready for a 4 year old Chocolate Lab to come home when you adopt your fuzzy Hippopotamus…well, sorry, we can’t approve your application.”

Soon, tragically, they discovered that Hank had mauled Fuzzy. Not to be deterred, the staff carried on with the postings and caught the eye of the Huffington Post.

They turned the story into an episode of CSI, with a dog detective, evidence markers, and a canine attorney for Hank and a surgeon and counselor for Fuzzy, who barely survived the attempted homicide. Check out the HuffPo article linked above or the Fox Valley Instagram feed if you need a laugh today!

Eventually, Hank was adopted, and you guessed it, Fuzzy went with him to his new home.

Kudos to the staff at Fox Valley for finding a unique way to showcase one of their charges. This kind of creativity is what helps people to become engaged enough to visit shelters and adopt.

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Good day, and good dog!

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