Adoptable Greyhounds

ShugFrom the Facebook page of Ladye Jane Vickers. Thanks, Ms. Vickers, for including the resource list!

Florida voted to ban greyhound racing, so in about a year there will be around 8,000 greys coming off the tracks and 7,000 racers-in-training that all need to find new homes. Ugh.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider adopting one of these sweet & goofy creatures. The adoption agencies aren’t going to be able to handle the massive influx, so now is the time to get one 💔

Find a Greyhound adoption agency near you here:

Check out more of this girl and her retired life here:

Learn more about whether a retired racer is a good fit for your home here:

The numbers came from this article:

If you can’t adopt, consider donating to greyhound adoption agencies like this one where Shug is from, Project Racing Home.

If you’re considering adding to your pack, please consider a greyhound, either now or as the racetracks empty out.

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