Westminster 2018: Best in Working Breed Results

Akitas GCH CH Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth
Alaskan Malamutes GCHG CH TaolanQuest Flying Cloud
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs GCHS CH Karaboudjan’s Bonfire Of The Vanities
Bernese Mountain Dogs GCH CH Von Engels Designated Driver From Indian Hill
Black Russian Terriers GCH CH Russian Bears Not Just Another Rock Starr CGC
Boerboels GCHS CH Darkwater Oblio BN RN CA CGCA CGCU TKN
Boxers GCHG CH Vixayo’s Golden Hammer
Bullmastiffs GCHB CH T-Boldt’s To Protect And Serve
Cane Corsos GCH CH Serafina’s Ever So Clever At Castleguard
Doberman Pinschers GCH CH Fidelis Ripcord
Dogues de Bordeaux GCHB CH ChateauRouge’s Vavava Voom
German Pinschers GCHG CH Daveren’s Life Of The Party
Giant Schnauzers GCH CH Ingebar’s Tynan Dances With Wildflowers
Great Danes GCHP CH Neet’s Whirlwind Romance CGCA CGCU
Great Pyrenees GCHB CH Brynjulf Wahoo Creek Don’t You Feel It RN CGC
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs GCHS CH Snowy Mountains Norman Invasion At Redrock
Komondorok GCH CH Nagyalma Bbetty Boop
Kuvaszok GCH CH Ederra’s Glacier The Power Of Mo’ne
Leonbergers GCH CH Leos By The Sea Booyah
Mastiffs GCHG CH Autumn Oaks Silver Lining I’Ll Be Your Huckleberry
Neapolitan Mastiffs GCH CH Caledonia Mastini Dorian Gray
Newfoundlands GCHS CH Heartsease Empress Of India CD RA CGC
Portuguese Water Dogs GCH CH Eureka Timberoak Surreal
Rottweilers GCHG CH Cammcastle’s Hammertime, U Can’t Touch This
Samoyeds GCHS CH Sammantic Ramses
Siberian Huskies GCHS CH Sharin Nick Of Dynasty Rc Kennel
St Bernards GCHG CH Elba’s Aristo Presto
Standard Schnauzers GCH CH Greybeard Bcb Yamada Kuma Go
Tibetan Mastiffs GCHB CH Dreamcatcher Cairbre To Lokis Major At Aujudon

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