Good News Monday

Every day in my email, I get a list of news from around the world regarding dogs. I don’t like to post the gory stuff about dog fights and abuse, so many times I use other resources to find something to post. In an unusual coincidence (or perhaps due to the impending holidays), my news listing was full of so much good news today, I had trouble picking just one story, so here’s a round-up.

1. During the Camp Fire in California, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. Many were not given enough time to even grab their pets before rushing to escape the approaching flames. One woman found a happy surprise when she returned to try to piece together her life. Her Anatolian Shepherd, Madison, had stayed close to home, guarding what was left of it. To make the reunion even more complete, volunteers soon located her other dog, Miguel, who had been transported to a shelter over 80 miles away! See the whole story on NBC News.

2. When Maurice Goldstein proposed to Laura Stampler, the event included not only an a cappella choir, but also 16 dogs! See the pictures on

3. Noah is a 3-year old Cockapoo born with deformed hind legs and without eyes. He’s now become a therapy dog, teaching kids it’s okay to be different. Check out the story on NBC-4i out of Columbus.

4. A recent study by Dr. Emma Bould (La Trobe University) et al, published in the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, showed the beneficial effects of dog walking on adults who live in supported housing due to their different abilities. Read the blog post on Psychology Today.

I hope this makes your day the way it made mine!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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