Results Are In for the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster 2019

Overall, the top dog was a Border Collie named Verb, handled by Perry DeWitt, crossing the finish line in 32.05 seconds.

The top “All American Dog” (what many of us would call a mutt) was Plop, handled by Lisa Topol, who ran the course in 37.99 seconds.

For the purebreds, the 8-inch class was won by a Papillon named Gabby in 39.31 seconds, while Pixel, a Miniature American Shepherd herded through the course by Ami Sheffield led the 12-inch class, finishing in 33.45 seconds.

Pink, a Border Collie, won the 16-inch division in 31.23 seconds, along with her handler Jennifer Crank. Verb took the 20-inch class, in 32.05 seconds, as mentioned above. Bringing up the last of the height classes, an All American Dog named Harley lumbered through the course in 43.92 seconds with his handler Erin Stumler.

A lot of videos of the action are available on the WKC site.

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