Iditarod Standings as of 3:39 pm Monday 3/4/19

You didn’t think I forgot about the Iditarod, did you? I’ll be posting more about this year’s race throughout the week, but for now, here are the top ten teams on the leaderboard as of 3:39 pm Eastern Time on Monday March 4th.

1 Nicolas Petit (20) Out of Rainy Pass
2 Peter Kaiser (9) Out of Rainy Pass
3 Ryan Redington (22) In to Rainy Pass
4 Jessie Holmes (5) In to Rainy Pass
5 Matt Hall (3) In to Rainy Pass
6 Linwood Fiedler (15) In to Rainy Pass
7 Wade Marrs (36) Out of Finger Lake
8 Aliy Zirkle (19) Out of Finger Lake
9 Ramey Smyth (6) Out of Finger Lake
10 Anna Berington (10) Out of Finger Lake

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