Tuesday’s Top Ten: Iditarod Race Leader Board

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about the Iditarod this year.  We don’t get any TV coverage where I am, so I have been following along on the web.  Here are the top ten people on the leaderboard as of March 9th.

10.  Cim Smyth, who checked in at Finger Lake at 8:05 am with 15 dogs.

9.  Ed Iten:  Finger Lake checkin at 7:28 am with 16 dogs.

8.  Paul Gebhardt checked in at Finger Lake at 6:49 am with 16 dogs.

7.  Sebastian Schnuelle, Finger Lake check in at 6:09 am with 16 dogs.

6.  Jeff King, who checked in at Rainy Pass at 13:06 with 16 dogs.

5.  Hans Gatt – Rainy Pass check-in 13:03 – 16 dogs.

4.  Aly Zirkle checked in at Rainy Pass at 13:02 with 16 dogs.

3.  Ramey Smyth – Rainy Pass at 13:00 with 16 dogs.

2.  Bjornar Andersen, whose Rainy Pass check-in was clocked at 12:43, WITH 15 dogs.

And currently in first place, after 3 days, Lance Mackey, who checked in his 16 dogs at Rainy Pass at 11:34.


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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