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RUSSIA, MOSCOW - FEBRUARY 19: Participants compete in arrival "RThe 2016 Iditarod starts in about 30 minutes. Check out the official race blog, which details the last-minute preparations at Willow Lake as mushers gather for the official start.

Scott Janssen will be first out of the chute at 2 pm Alaskan (6 pm Eastern). He will be followed by another sled every two minutes until the 85th contestant, Martin Koenig, leaves at 4:48 Alaskan time.

Don’t worry about Mr. Koenig, though. Each competitor has to stay extra time at one of the check points, equivalent to the amount of time they got to leave ahead of the last sled. For example, since the first musher is 2 hours and 48 minutes ahead of the last, the first one will be held at a way point for 2 hours and 48 minutes. The 2nd to last musher will be held only 2 minutes because he’s only 2 minutes ahead of the last guy.

Check back daily for an update on the standings, and be sure to explore the official Iditarod site for tons of information about the race.

Please note: I’m using stock photos because I don’t have permission to use photos from the real race. What’s interesting to me is that most of the dog teams are made up of mixed-breed dogs. I always picture Malamutes and Huskies running the race, as shown in movies. However, most of the mushers seem to prefer mutt-i-grees.

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