Camping With Your Dog

Dog On Hands Of A Male Hiker. Portait Of Beautiful Pitbull Dog SGo All Outdoors has some tips for a successful camping trip with your dog.

First and foremost, you need to make sure the place you’re going allows dogs and find out if there are any restrictions or special pet policies. Some places may charge a pet deposit or require that the dog be leashed at all times.

Next, schedule a check-up with your vet before you go to make sure your dog is in the best health possible and has all needed vaccinations for wherever you’re going. Check to see if you need to take any special medications or first aid supplies in case of emergency.

Decide where your dog will sleep. In the tent with you? In the car? Remember there may be wildlife in the area which will make it unsafe for your dog to sleep outdoors.

Supplies to bring: tether, stake, collapsible food and water dishes, and poop pick-up bags.

Whether it’s your first time camping or your first time bringing your dog along, following these tips will help make your trip a success!

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