Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

After last week’s epic snowstorm that traveled across the country, I thought it might be a good idea to give a few reminders on keeping your dog safe, happy, and healthy this winter.

10.  Clean up any antifreeze spills immediately.  Antifreeze smells sweet to your dog, and he will gladly lap it up, but it is deadly poisonous.  Remember that windshield washer fluid also contains antifreeze and is equally dangerous.

9.  Check the forecast before making a decision to leave your dog outside all day while you are at work.  The weather can change drastically over the course of the day, and you want to make sure you’re not exposing your dog to worse weather than you might have intended.

8.  Provide adequate shelter.  You might even consider adding some blankets or straw to your dog’s house to provide extra warmth.

7.  Make sure to provide fresh water, and check it throughout the day to make sure it doesn’t freeze over.

6.  Invest in a set of dog boots or try putting Musher’s Wax on your dog’s paws to protect them from road salt and keep them warmer.

5.  Watch where you walk!  It’s not unheard of for manhole covers and sidewalk grates to become electrified due to water / snow build-up.  You or your dog could be electrocuted when walking across them.

4.  If your dog has short hair or seems to shiver a lot, consider buying a coat.  There are lots of different styles, and if your dog is short or if you get very high snow drifts, consider a style that covers the dog’s belly.

3.  If you travel with your dog, don’t forget to include dog supplies such as food, a coat, and water in your trunk’s emergency kit.

2.  If your dog has long fur around her toes, check for packed snow around the toe pads after each trip outdoors.  Leaving the snow packed in around the dog’s foot pads can lead to frostbite.

1.  Bring your dog inside when the weather gets really bad.  Feet, ears, and other areas of the dog’s body can easily become frostbitten if left outside too long in the bitter cold.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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