20th Annual ACE Award Winner: Exemplary Companion Dog Molly

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This week, doggies.com is featuring the winners of the 20th AKC Humane Annual ACE Awards.

Part one: Uniformed Service K-9 Summer

Part two: Therapy Dog Gunther

Part three: Service Dog Polly

Part four: Service Dog Polly

Today’s post features the winner in the Exemplary Companion Dog category: Molly, from Clarksville, Arkansas.

“Molly,” a seven-year-old Dalmatian owned by Dayna Hilton is more than just a family pet – she is a Fire Safety Dog, the mascot of the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation (KKFSF). KKFSF is a public charity dedicated to reducing fire related deaths and injuries among children and their families. Since just nine weeks old, Molly has been working tirelessly to help educate children about fire safety.

As the KKFSF mascot, Molly helps make fire safety presentations, and travels over 25,000 miles a year to appear at educational events across the United States. During the fire safety program, Molly demonstrates many of the tricks she has learned, including how to “test” a smoke alarm with her nose and how to crawl low under smoke. Molly also helps her owner and local Firefighter, Dayna by turning pages of a children’s fire safety book and raising her paw to help make children Jr. Firefighters.

For the children Molly can’t reach physically, she actively participates in the KKFSF’s popular fire safety Skype program, “Learning about Fire Safety is Fun.” She has Skyped almost 500 times with more than 17,000 children and 1,800 adults. In addition to serving as the official mascot for KKFSF, Molly is also the honorary fire dog for the Little Rock Fire Department.

Losing one child to fire is one too many, and Dayna and Molly hope to continue their mission to keep more children fire safe. Molly’s loyalty and dedication to her work and community are an inspiration to children and dog lovers everywhere.

Congrats to Molly and Dayna!

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