Kasey Program Teaches Fire Safety to Kids

Photo:  KaseyProgram.org
Photo: KaseyProgram.org

There’s no such thing as “too early” for teaching fire safety.

That’s why Koorsen Fire and Security is the primary sponsor of the Kasey Program, which takes an entertaining approach to bringing life-saving skills to a wide range of audiences, including community events, nursing homes, and students from preschool to grade 6.

Program founder and professional firefighter Jeff Owens sings and plays guitar while Kasey, a black Labrador, demonstrates fire safety tips. It’s a memorable and fun way to bring critical information to children.

Jeff started the Kasey Program, a non-profit program, in 1995 and each year performs with Kasey approximately 400 times. The program was started as a way to teach children about fire & life safety. Jeff is a retired career firefighter/paramedic after more than 31 years of service and felt a strong desire to have a positive impact on teaching our children their fire & life safety skills.

The Kasey Program uses black Labrador Retrievers to demonstrate the safety skills taught, i.e., Kasey demonstrates, Stop, Drop & Roll, checking the door to see if it’s hot, crawling under the smoke, as well as many other skills. The program is designed to educate children from preschool age to 6th grade. A preschool only program will usually last 20 to 30min. The full program usually lasts 45 minutes, allowing the dogs to teach all of their skills and also using music to reinforce the skills taught.

The dogs wear the badge of the Wayne Township Fire Department, are trained in search and rescue, and are therapy dogs as a part of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio Burn camps.

The program really started to grow when Koorsen Fire & Security became its sponsor in 1998. It now reaches and teaches more than 400,000 children annually. This program is the only full time, nationally touring fire prevention program in the country.

To schedule an appearance by Jeff and Kasey, visit KaseyProgram.org or contact:

Public Education Coordinator
Koorsen Fire & Security
[email protected]

You can follow their adventures on their blog or donate to support them here.

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