Employees of the Week

Stairfaces JosephsenNormally, you would go to the Facebook page of a flooring contractor to see the projects he’s worked on (which are spectacular, by the way), but in the case of Stairfaces and Josephsen Hardwood Floors, you’d be forgiven if you just went to the page to see his employees of the week. You see, he takes pictures of the dogs who live in the homes where he works, and publishes them with a short bio of why they are the best employees he’s seen that week.

Here’s the text that accompanied the photo above: I had the pleasure of working with this fun and lively crew this week. Let me introduce you to this week’s Employees of the Week. Pictured top left is Cashew; pictured top right is Peanut, bottom left is Blue, and bottom right is Jäger. This mixed batch of personalities all welcomed me and made work feel more like a party. What a pleasure.

I bet these guys were a lot of help!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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