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Employees of the Week

Stairfaces JosephsenNormally, you would go to the Facebook page of a flooring contractor to see the projects he’s worked on (which are spectacular, by the way), but in the case of Stairfaces and Josephsen Hardwood Floors, you’d be forgiven if you just went to the page to see his employees of the week. You see, he takes pictures of the dogs who live in the homes where he works, and publishes them with a short bio of why they are the best employees he’s seen that week. Continue reading Employees of the Week

Help Canines for Disabled Kids earn a $1,000 Grant

Crazy PetWORCESTER, MA – A dog can make a big difference in a kid’s life — but having a canine companion can be a life-changing event for a child with a disability who gets paired with a trained service dog.

Matthew has Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition that makes it difficult and terrifying to go out in public and interact with people. After he received his service dog, “Quincy,” the 8-year-old started coming out of his shell and his precocious intelligence began to shine. “I love my dog because he helps me with a lot of things that sometimes I can’t control,” said Matt. “Sometimes I’m crying in a crowd, and Quincy helps me a ton by licking and kissing me so I feel better. He helps me talk to people.”
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Dogs and Kids – A Healing Relationship

A study by a University of Wisconsin-Madison pediatrician showed that infants in homes with pets have a lower incidence of pet allergies and eczema than their pet-less peers. Finnish researchers have found that young children with dogs or cats suffered fewer ear problems than children who did not live with pets.
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California Hires K-9s to Help Ease Budget Crunch

 I wish I could remember where I picked it up, but I have been reading a publication called Kind News, Jr. Edition.  It is a 4-page newspaper put out by the Humane Society Humane Society.org/Kids specifically for children.

 In the issue I have, it talks about a unique program developed by the California Department of Fish and Game.  Under current economic conditions, employees in all departments have been cut to the bone.  Due to the large amount of territory each remaining officer must cover, they have a hard time catching poachers who illegally take wildlife such as bears, trout, and elk.

 As part of the solution, the Department began training dogs to recognize the scent not only of the protected wildlife, but also of gunpowder.  The dogs they use?  Pooches from local shelters!  What a great way to reduce overcrowding at shelters while giving the dogs meaningful work and contributing to the state’s well-being.

 Because the state budget didn’t allow for the care of these K-9 employees, Fish and Game officers were paying for their partners’ vet care, food, and other expenses.  The HSUS stepped in with a grant to help out.

 Kudos to the California Department of Fish & Game and the HSUS for partnering to rescue shelter dogs as well as to protect the state’s wildlife.

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