Annnnnddddd, they’re off!

Photo courtesy  Joel Forsman via GQ
Photo courtesy
Joel Forsman via GQ

The Iditarod is on! Mushers took off today from Willow, starting at 2 pm Alaska Time (6 pm Eastern). “Just” 42 miles to the next checkpoint at Yentna. Current temperature in the area is 24 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 62% chance of snow.

Ever wonder what a musher eats? Check out GQ’s article about Larry Daugherty, who is on his fourth quest for Iditarod gold.

A sample from the Q&A style article:
When you’re mushing, you’re responsible for feeding both yourself and the 14 dogs. How do you juggle that? I’ve heard the dogs need roughly 10,000 calories a day when they’re racing.

On the Iditarod trail, I eat when the dogs eat. The dogs primarily eat beef and fish. That’s also how the dogs get a lot of their water content, because the protein is frozen, and we essentially make a goulash for them by heating snow until it’s melted and boiling. I cook their food in that. They usually eat four times a day. At that point, it’s easiest for me to heat vacuum-sealed meals for myself. Things like shepherd’s pie, pasta, and soup. I’m focused more on the dogs’ nutrition on the trail.

Good luck to all the mushers!

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