Dogs Making A Difference: Phoebe

Photo courtesy AKC
Photo courtesy AKC

From the AKC: Dogs have been known to increase happiness, reduce stress levels, and improve overall health in people. During this unprecedented time, dogs have been a source of relief and happiness for their human counterparts. In an effort to recognize dogs doing outstanding things during the global crisis we are facing, the AKC has awarded three wonderful dogs who have been spreading joy in their communities with the AKC Paw of Courage award.

Phoebe: Phoebe, officially known as CH Patana’s Flash Point, BN, RN, NA, NAJ, PT, FDC, CA, CGCA, CGCU, SDPRO, TKE, is a 10-year-old Belgian Tervuren owned by Dr. Pamela Regan. As part of her ongoing work as an AKC Canine Ambassador, Phoebe is used to participating in public demonstrations about training, responsible dog ownership, performance sports, how to greet a dog, meet the breeds, and other important topics at schools, fairs, museums, and similar venues. Of course, all those fun public demos came to a halt in March due to the nationwide efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

But that didn’t stop Pamela and Phoebe from continuing their work as an AKC Canine Ambassador team. The pair created several videos for the AKC PupPals program and have been regularly going on “front yard visits” to individual homes and assisted living facilities for the past six weeks. During these visits, Phoebe performs tricks and stunts while her audience is safely sheltered inside and watching from their windows. Although her Harry-Potter themed tricks are a favorite among the younger generation, the Obedience and Agility tricks – in particular, scent work, “Can Phoebe count?”, hand signals, hoop jumps, retrieving, and weave poles – are the crowd favorites!

Phoebe is a big-hearted, willing dog, who works so tirelessly to bring joy, entertainment, and social connection people’s lives during these uncertain times.

Congrats to Jackson, Molly, and Phoebe on being awarded the 2020 Paw of Courage Award!

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