Small Petweighter Bowls

Penny enjoying her Petweighter bowl.  Photo by Philley
Penny enjoying her Petweighter bowl. Photo by Philley

If you’ve been following along, you know I am a fan of the Petweighter brand dog dishes. My dogs like to chew on their dishes when they can get away with it, and they tend to drag them all over the house. The Petweighter dish attaches securely to a base you fill with water so it stays put. When I bought my dishes, they only had one size, which was perfect for my bigger dogs, but wouldn’t be suitable for a smaller breed. So, I’m excited to share this news I got in my mailbox – they now have a smaller size!

Following the incredible success of PetWeighter™ Large, this ingenious dog bowl is now available in a Small size – catering for the needs of puppies and more compact canine breeds.

Produced by award-winning British family business, Peak Pet Products, PetWeighter Small comes in the same six contemporary shades as its bigger counterpart to complement all modern decors and interiors, and costs $24.99 from, and authorised pet retailers.

PetWeighter Range

First launched in 2016, PetWeighter is an innovative product that has revolutionized feeding time for four-legged friends. The clever invention features a unique design to prevent the spills and mess that can often result from an ‘ever-moving’ food or drinking bowl. It also ensures a constant supply of water, whatever the season*.

The original PetWeighter Large was the brainchild of Peak Pet Products owner, Rob Peacock, who created the product for his much-loved Schnauzer, Charlie. When Charlie was diagnosed with diabetes, Rob looked for a way to stop him tipping up his bowl, while providing his canine pal with access to plenty of water throughout the day. The rest is history and PetWeighter was born!

Strong and sturdy, the two-part PetWeighter Small comprises a removable, food-grade plastic bowl on top of a base that can be filled with sand, water or a combination of the two. This means the bowl will not move when a dog nudges it, and stops the container and contents from traveling across the kitchen or garden. It will also stay put if a clumsy human kicks it by accident or a mischievous child knocks into it while playing on the floor.

PetWeighter Small filling PetWeighter Small kitchen

Simply unscrew the cap, fill and then secure again, replacing the bowl on the top, for a robust receptacle that will always ‘sit’ and ‘stay’! PetWeighter Small weighs in at just over 15lb when filled with a mix of sand and water – heavy enough to prevent food and water spills by even the perkiest of pups!

The PetWeighter Small top bowl is detachable for washing or filling with food and can be placed on a dishwasher rack for a thorough, hygienic clean. The upper bowl is then easily aligned to the base and locked straight back into place with a simple click.

The rounded corners of PetWeighter make it conveniently chew-resistant, while the bowl itself has no dirt-attracting cracks or crevices. As well as providing ongoing access to water, PetWeighter is great news for arthritic dogs** at meal times as its elevated height (approx. 6.6 inches) removes the need to stoop down, which can put stress on joints, necks and shoulders, particularly in older animals.

PetWeighter Small is available to buy in six modern color combinations: Red, Pale Blue, Baby Pink or Hot Pink with a mid-gray base, or Pearly White and Platinum with a dark gray base. Customers can also purchase a spare, replacement or different-colored top bowl separately for just $12.99.

Rob Peacock, owner of Peak Pet Products Ltd, said, “When we first developed PetWeighter, we were initially serving the needs of larger hounds, who are notoriously ungainly when they eat and drink. But following many requests from customers around the world, we identified that smaller breeds can be just as disorderly with their dinner. So we responded with the PetWeighter Small and hope it’s the answer to a cleaner kitchen for all!”

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I love my Petweighter bowls, I’m sure you will, too!

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