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Small Petweighter Bowls

Penny enjoying her Petweighter bowl.  Photo by Philley
Penny enjoying her Petweighter bowl. Photo by Philley

If you’ve been following along, you know I am a fan of the Petweighter brand dog dishes. My dogs like to chew on their dishes when they can get away with it, and they tend to drag them all over the house. The Petweighter dish attaches securely to a base you fill with water so it stays put. When I bought my dishes, they only had one size, which was perfect for my bigger dogs, but wouldn’t be suitable for a smaller breed. So, I’m excited to share this news I got in my mailbox – they now have a smaller size! Continue reading Small Petweighter Bowls

Tuesday Top Ten: Small Breeds

If you have a small home or if you just like smaller dogs, you might want to choose from one of the breeds on this list.  Small dogs are generally a little less expensive to care for because you will have to buy less food and smaller-sized accessories such as kennels, leashes, and toys.  In addition, some of your veterinary care will be less expensive because you will be buying smaller doses of medication.

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