Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons to Have A Lap-Sized Dog

Last week, we listed top ten lap dog breeds, and as promised, this week we bring you the top ten reasons why you might want to have a lap dog.

10.  They actually fit into your lap.

9.  Less food to buy, as compared to larger dogs.

8.  Less waste to clean up.

7.  Easier to control on a walk.

6.  They fit in your purse.

5.  Easier to take on a road trip.

4.  Can be carried (rather than dragged) into the vet’s office.

3.  They don’t take up the whole bed when they sleep with you.

2.  Cheaper / easier to groom.

1.  They keep your lap warm on a cold winter day.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons to Have A Lap-Sized Dog”

  1. Adorable article but I’m not sure I agree with number 3 … it’s amazing how much room a 4 lb. Yorkie can take up in bed 🙂

  2. Cecelia – My best advice would be to check your local shelter, or see if there are lab rescue organizations in your area. Other resources would include PetFinder.com, and searching for breeders in your area on our sister site: Breeders.net

    Good luck & send pix when you find your new little bundle(s) of joy!

    The Dog Lady (and I picked the name myself, so no worries. Kind of makes me think about “crazy cat lady” kind of people who have too many pets!)

  3. Dear Dog Lady

    (That name almost sounds insulting but not meant that way from me)
    We are retired and searching for one or two young lap puppies.
    If you can help us out,please let me know.

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