Iditarod Standings as of 3/17/2021 at 3:07 PM Alaska Time

The last two racers arrived in Skwentna early this morning. Victoria Hardwick and rookie Dakota Schlosser arrived just before 7 am, both with 10 dogs. This is their last checkpoint before the finish line.

Three mushers left Skwentna this morning and are en route to the finish line at Deshka Landing:
Rookie Hal Hanson left at 10:12 with 11 dogs.
Larry Daugherty left at 10:54 with 11 dogs
Rookie Will Troshynski left at 10:55, also with 11 dogs.

Everyone else has passed beneath what they are calling the “Unburled Arch” since the real Burled Arch, as you know, is in Nome.

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