Shelter Sunday: Bentley / Grey Face Rescue and Retirement / St. Cloud, MN

Bentley MN

Meet Bentley. This handsome fella is 9 years old. Here’s what his rescuers say about him: Bentley is by far one of the most loyal and loving companions to have around. Want to have fun, be lazy, be active? Bentley is all of that. This sweet dog will never disappoint, he’s just so full of happiness! Bentley loves walks and car rides and being around other dogs and people! He truly is one of a kind!

Bentley would love a fellow dog to play with, a person who lets him sleep in the bed (or at least close) and a family who loves to walk, hike, and run. He is breathtakingly athletic and appears much younger than his listed age. His tail is powerful when he wags it, and he alerts you to everything the neighbors are up to with a deep bark. Bentley would love to have a companion, but we do recommend supervision during playtime with other dogs, especially males. He is not dominant but he’s no pushover either. If he is adopted in an only dog home, we recommend he does have regular playtime with other dogs that are familiar friends. We also recommend giving Bentley “work” to do, as he breed is known to be a working dog. He needs daily activity.

Bentley is currently a guest of Grey Face Rescue and Retirement in St. Cloud, Minnesota. If you’re lucky enough to be nearby, why not contact them to learn more about Bentley and all of his friends. Send an email to [email protected] or fill out their online application.

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