August is National Dog Month

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From The Dog Lady’s mailbag, courtesy of National Day Calendar:

All during the month of August, National Dog Month celebrates our loveable canine pals smack in the middle of the dog days of summer. Dogs are the #1 most commonly owned pets on the planet, and with good reason. Did you know that scientific studies prove our pawsome companions make us happier, less stressed, and more optimistic? The list of benefits to spending time with a dog goes on and on, but it all proves one thing––that a month-long celebration of our furry best friends has been a long time coming.

Whether your dog burrows under the blankets with you at night, plays in the sprinkler, or alerts you to a health need, we know they are constantly improving our lives and making them more fun. Not only that but the companionship and affection we share with them make their lives better, too. Dog lovers know a life without dogs is a life missing something special, and that’s a fact worth celebrating.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalDogMonth

This is the easy part. Celebrate with your best pal. Take an extra-long walk. Play fetch or spare an extra Milk-Bone treat. Get your dog the toy he’s been wanting or visit the dog park. Speaking of visits, make your next veterinarian appointment to ensure your pet stays healthy and strong. Donate to your local shelter or to a larger dog nonprofit. You can also volunteer your services. Not only will the dogs appreciate the support, but so will their future human companions. However you celebrate, be sure to use #NationalDogMonth to post on social media.

Milk-Bone brand (The J.M. Smucker Company) founded National Dog Month in 2020 to recognize all the ways dogs make our lives better.

I feel a party coming on!

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