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Saturday Survey: Your Veterinarian

I posted earlier this week about some veterinarians who might be…ummmm…shall we say “padding” their diagnoses in order to get you to purchase unnecessary tests and treatments. I know I once switched vets because they turned their front room into a sales floor with leashes, dishes, and other stuff I didn’t need to purchase from the vet. How comfortable are you with your vet’s salesmanship and practices?

Is your vet on the up-and-up?

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Profiteering Veterinarians???

Breaking News from ABCABC News is reporting that some veterinarians are selling unneeded tests, procedures, and shots in an attempt to ramp up their income and profits. They are basing this report on information provided by Andrew Jones, a veterinarian who has written a book called “Veterinary Secrets: Revealed.”
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