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Border Patrol K-9 Killed

Jackie.  Photo courtesy US Customs and Border Protection
Photo courtesy US Customs and Border Protection
A U.S. Border Patrol K-9 agent was involved in a single vehicle accident along Highway 395 early Sunday morning when her handler hit black ice, causing the service vehicle to lose traction. The vehicle then went over a steep embankment and rolled multiple times. Rescuers were able to extract the agent from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life.

The agent was transported to the hospital with multiple injuries. The agent’s K-9 partner, Jackie, however succumbed to the injuries from the accident and died at the scene. K-9 Jackie had been serving since April of 2015.

“Thank you to all the rescuers and medical staff involved and please remember K-9 Jackie and the agent in your thoughts and prayers,” stated Acting Chief Patrol Agent David BeMiller. “We understand the risks that we take as well as our K-9 partners; it is never easy when we lose a partner.”

Our deepest condolences go out to Jackie, her handler, and her family at the Border Patrol.

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Show Me the Money!

Nicky Customs
Photo Courtesy US Customs and Border Protection

Who knew? Dogs can apparently tell the amount of money you’re carrying just by sniffing your bags. A recent traveler returning to the US from Qatar was carrying almost $25,000 in his suitcase when he landed at Dulles, but he only declared $8,000 of it. That’s a no-no according to customs officials. You can bring in unlimited amounts of cash, but you have to declare it if it’s over $10,000.
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