Show Me the Money!

Nicky Customs
Photo Courtesy US Customs and Border Protection

Who knew? Dogs can apparently tell the amount of money you’re carrying just by sniffing your bags. A recent traveler returning to the US from Qatar was carrying almost $25,000 in his suitcase when he landed at Dulles, but he only declared $8,000 of it. That’s a no-no according to customs officials. You can bring in unlimited amounts of cash, but you have to declare it if it’s over $10,000.

When detection dog Nicky signaled her handler that she had found something, the handler again asked the man how much currency he had. Again, the man said he only had $8,000. So, they opened up his suitcase, and lo and behold, found an envelope with nearly $25,000 inside.

Oops! The money was seized, but the man was not charged with a crime. There is a petition process for him to get it back, but I’m guessing you have to prove you came by it legally, which for some people would be difficult.

Now, the real question in my mind is this: How do I train my dogs to find large amounts of cash for me?

You can read the whole story on this bust on the US Customs and Border Protection website

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