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Photo by Daniel T Phillips Photography
Photo by Daniel T Phillips Photography

The CanAm Flyball Classic will be broadcast on ESPN2. The canine action premieres on Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at 4p.m. ET on ESPN2. The world’s largest flyball tournament is hosted by the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) and will bring the top Flyball teams together in head-to-head competition, taking place on October 8th-October 10th, 2021 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN. Continue reading THE CanAm FLYBALL CLASSIC TO BE BROADCAST ON ESPN2

2011 Iditarod: Standings from Early 3/14

The current standings from Alaska:
1 John Baker OUT OF Elim 03/14 08:51
2 Ramey Smyth OUT OF Koyuk 03/14 03:38
3 Hans Gatt OUT OF Koyuk 03/14 04:49
4 Sebastian Schnuelle OUT OF Koyuk 03/14 07:36
5 Hugh Neff OUT OF Koyuk 03/14 07:37
6 Dallas Seavey OUT OF Koyuk 03/14 08:40
7 Ray Redington Jr IN TO Koyuk 03/14 06:23
8 DeeDee Jonrowe IN TO Koyuk 03/14 07:18
9 Jessie Royer IN TO Koyuk 03/14 08:49
10 Sonny Lindner OUT OF Shaktoolik 03/14 02:14

Only four more checkpoints (123 miles) until John Baker reaches the burled arch in Nome!

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2011 Iditarod: Early 3/11/11 Standings

Here’s the latest from Alaska, as reported by Iditarod.com:

1 Hugh Neff OUT OF Shageluk 03/11 02:05
2 John Baker OUT OF Shageluk 03/11 02:13
3 Lance Mackey OUT OF Shageluk 03/11 02:48
4 Martin Buser OUT OF Shageluk 03/11 02:49
5 Ray Redington Jr OUT OF Shageluk 03/11 03:11
6 Hans Gatt IN TO Shageluk 03/11 02:33
7 Sebastian Schnuelle OUT OF Iditarod 03/10 17:51
8 Michael Williams, Jr. OUT OF Iditarod 03/10 19:29
9 Sonny Lindner OUT OF Iditarod 03/10 20:00
10 Dallas Seavey OUT OF Iditarod 03/10 20:08

Of note:  reigning and 4-time champion Lance Mackey moves from 6th yesterday to 3rd today.

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