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Albuquerque Dog Eats the Family Jewels

KOB-TV reports on a 10-month old Basset Hound who found a $4,500 wedding ring just a little too tempting.

Rachelle Atkinson had a habit of leaving her wedding ring on her nightstand while she slept. Only when she woke up a few weeks ago, the ring was gone! Suspecting that the dog, Coraline, might have taken it, they spent the next 10 days searching through her droppings, but had no luck.

They finally took Coraline to the vet for an X-ray and found the ring lodged in her stomach and not going anywhere. So, the vet inserted a tool down Coraline’s throat to retrieve it.

We’re happy to report everything came out okay!

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Good day, and good dog!

More Life with Jake

  My friend Wendy’s dog, Jake, has a habit of taking something outside with him.  At first, it was just dog toys.  Then, he started grabbing shoes on his way out the door.

Soon, he began grabbing things from the living room – the TV remote control, throw pillows from the couch, and blankets.  The last straw was when he laid claim to Wendy’s bra out of the laundry basket.  The neighborhood really got a free show that time!