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Kayla’s DNA is in!

If you’ve been following along, you know I submitted some of her cheek cells to determine her breed.  The results came today!!!  Now, make a drum roll sound….

She is a true Heinz 57 dog.  The majority of her DNA comes from a German Shepard, as we expected.  The next biggest contributor is Rottweiler, also a popular guess.  She also has some Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and a bit of Spaniel.  I still don’t understand the upturned tail, but maybe that’s what happens when you get a crazy mixed-up dog. 

The vendor, BioPet, issues a certificate showing various levels of DNA.  Level 1 indicates that at least 75% of the total DNA comes from a particular breed, while Level 5 shows breeds that contribute less than 10%.  Kind of cool.  If you’re curious about your dog, there are worse ways to spend $65. 

Thanks to those of you who submitted guesses on Kayla’s breed.  

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Kayla’s Dog DNA Update

Loyal readers will remember I sent away Kayla’s DNA to see what she is made of on June 29th.  I received an e-mail last week stating that my order had been received and was in process.  Before the results are in, any guesses?  She has the coat of a German Shepherd, but a curled tail like a Huskie or Chow.  She’s just a bit bigger than my Golden Retriever.  Also, she is on the aggressive side.  We saw her mom, who I thought looked a lot like a Border Collie.  From her picture above, what would you say?